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Revitalize Your Hair

Majestic Spa and Salon offers signature hair treatments in a breathtaking location in the Ringgold area. Guests will be greeted by our professional stylist who will consult with you to achieve your desire look.

Our experienced and professional staff believe in individual treatment and will work with you to understand and meet your needs. Whether you are new to our salon or a long time customer, our services are crafted to enhance your hair texture, healthiness and your overall well-being.

Salon: Welcome

Salon Price List 

  • Women's Haircut     $45.00+

  • Men's Haircut          $25.00+

  • Dry Cut                    $35.00+

  • Retouch Color         $60.00+

  • Single color             $80.00+

  • Partial Highlights     $125.00+

  • Full Head Highlight  $150.00+

  • Blow Out                  $35.00+

  • Up-Dos                    $65.00+

Our prices change depending on stylist, density, length, and process time.

Color Correction and Vivid colors we recommend getting in touch with the stylist for a consult.


  • Eyebrow           $15.00

  • Lip                    $10.00

  • Nose                 $15.00​

  • Chin                  $15.00

  • Full Face           $40.00

  • Underarms       $20.00

  • Ear                    $10.00

Salon: Services
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